The Mom’s Birthday Gift Buying Guide For Video Game Loving Kids

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Kids are not shy about telling you what they want for their birthdays. However, your child’s wishlist might include tricky items likes dinosaurs, spaceships, ponies and more. Whether your birthday boy or girl has big ideas or you want to surprise your little one, this video game guide provides whimsy and excitement, and each idea is easier to afford and care for than ponies or spaceships.

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Adopt A Dino

If your child loves playing make-believe or has begged for a pet, then the 101 Dino Pets Virtual Pet Game offers adorable dinosaurs that have come back from extinction and are ready to be adopted. Kids can choose from over 100 dinosaurs and give them names, habitats and lots of love. Dinos like playing fetch, being groomed, dressing up and more. Plus, this inexpensive game is easy to swap out with other PlayPets games if your child wants to adopt more animals. Other games offer dogs, cats, ponies and more, and the best part is that you will not have to clean up after these virtual critters.

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A Parents Guide To Having “The Talk” With Their Kids

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For some parents, it’s a day of dread: the day they are going to have “the talk” with their child, no longer making him a child because he will now know the many adult things about life that drew the line between adolescence and maturity.

Some parents will avoid it, figuring that things are going well, so why make a change that will disrupt such good times? Others go overboard, telling their children way too much about “it” and themselves.

Prior to getting into this, though, it’s just as important to know why you’re having the talk as it is to know what you’re going to say.

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7 Educational Trips to Take With Your Kids

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One of the most effective ways to educate your children about the world around them is to take a trip. Exposing your kids to different areas, or even different countries and cultures, is an educational experience that they’ll never forget. The bonus is that it can be both fun and informative for you as well. Check into some of these destinations around the world for your next family vacation, and learn something new along the way.

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Boston, Massachusetts: Not only is this a beautiful city, but it is full of historical places and events that took place in early American history. There are many tours available for you to learn about the history of the United States and its bid for independence. Discover where Paul Revere took his famed ride, or where the Boston Tea Party took place; and don’t forget to check out Harvard Square, with its eclectic mix of artists, students and businessmen.

Oklahoma, USA: A trip to the Midwest will unveil a different kind of American history. Oklahoma has a rich history of the Native Americans, and even today there are many Indian tribes still in existence there. The Chickasaw Cultural Center, located in Sulphur was formed to educate about the past and present of the Chickasaw nation. Look for more information on the center at http://chickasawcountry.com.

Machu Picchu, Peru: This remnant of the Inca civilization is believed to be built around 1450 and then abandoned at the time of the Spanish Conquest. The scale of Machu Picchu is impressive, but more so when you consider the lack of modern equipment that the Incas had at their disposal.

Australia, The Great Barrier Reef: As the world’s largest reef system, the Great Barrier Reef stretches for more than 2,600 kilometers and can be seen from space. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the delicate ecosystem that calls the reef its home. For more facts about the reef, check out http://www.greatbarrierreef.org.

Europe: The robust rail system in Europe makes it easy to plan a trip that allows you to experience several different cultures and languages. The countries are rich with a history that includes several major wars, resulting in a changing landscape, and oftentimes changing borders.

Japan: Although it’s a relatively small country, Japan has a lot to see and do. If you’ve never traveled to this area of the world before, this is a great opportunity to learn about a truly different culture. From language to food, Japan is very different from Western locations. Take a biking tour through Tokyo to experience all this great city has to offer. Step out of your comfort zone and try some of the food native to Japan, packed in a traditional Japanese bento box.

African Safari: If you can make it to Africa, this is the ultimate animal adventure for you and your kids. Because of the nature of the African terrain and wildlife, it is recommended that you join a guided tour for exploration. Check out different locations to determine which type of safari best suits your family’s needs and interests.

No matter where you travel, you can make your next family vacation and educational experience. Take plenty of pictures along the way so when you return home you can keep the conversation going with your kids.



10 Healthy & Delicious School Lunch Ideas

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Getting children to eat healthy is an ongoing battle that can often leave parents feeling at a loss as to how they should move forward. Children can quickly develop favorite meals, and it can be hard to get them to try a healthy alternative. The key for parents is to start them on the right track while they still have that power by packing school lunches that actually provide their bodies with good nutrition. Adequate meals in the school setting are particularly important when it comes to giving your child the best opportunities possible for preparing for their future.

school-kidRejuvenate the Sandwich

In lieu of the bologna sandwich that parents have gravitated towards in the past, pack your children a turkey sandwich. Turkey is a lean meat that is rich in proteins while still being quite tasty. The ingredients in bologna are frightening by comparison. It contains tons of salt, cholesterol, and unhealthy meat byproducts.

Prepackaged Problems

The handy snack packs that can be seen floating around school cafeterias are bad news. The yellow substance in the cup is not real cheese, and there are hardly any vitamins of which to speak. Substitute these cheap snacks for the healthier versions available from companies such as Laptop Lunches.

An Italian Twist

Rather than dropping old pizza slices in your child’s lunch sack. Quickly prepare a healthy pasta salad the night before school. These taste great when parents include whole-wheat pasta, fresh veggies, a dash of cheese, and a small amount of butter.

BLT Time

Although health food is not the first thing to come to mind, this dish can be good for you when you include the right ingredients. Instead of using white bread, create a wrap using a whole-wheat pita. Substitute turkey bacon, use low-fat dressings, and go light on the salt.

Goodbye PB&J

This standard can become too common a solution for daily lunches. Make a switch by creating sandwiches that use almond butter and dried fruits instead. This solution is also handy in schools where peanut products are not permitted due to allergy concerns.

Turkey Returns

Any meal using ground beef is including excess amounts of fat. From burger to burritos, make the switch to turkey meat for a lean alternative that will give your child’s arteries a rest. If burritos are popular on the menu, then also try substituting in black beans, peppers, and corn instead of using salt and tons of processed cheese.

Tuna and Eggs

These ingredients do not always need to be turned into a sandwich in order to be delicious. A healthy alternative is to put them in salad form using whipped, low-fat dressings. However, if bread cannot be excluded, then place them in a whole-grain wrap with lettuce and other veggies. Mayo can also be replaced with low-fat yogurts as well.

Breakfast for Lunch

Bagels do not have to be a bedrock of any meal. Try taking low-fat cottage cheese and combining it with fresh fruits such as raspberries, cantaloupe, or pineapple in order to provide your child with nutrition. You can also ditch the traditional, starchy bagel and replace it with miniature whole-wheat ones.

Cracking Open a Can

Canned pastas are always a temptation because of the potential to save time. However, low-sodium soups in a can from Progresso are just as convenient. They make all of the kid favorites including Chicken noodle soups.

Get Slightly Exotic

Kids are willing to try new things when given the option. Instead of giving them a fatty grilled cheese sandwich a few times a week, introduce them to the miracle that is hummus. Adding a sprinkle of mozzarella, a tomato slice, or avocado is just what the doctor ordered.

These simple lunches are ideal meals to get your child accustomed to living based on a more healthy diet. You also want to be sure that they feel full after eating. This calls for including a generous portion of healthy side items such as fruit cups, carrot sticks, or applesauces that are low in sugar.



8 Great Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms

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Stay at home moms have busy days that may include errands, meal planning, cleaning, financial planning, and much more – not including taking care of the kids! There may not be much room for down time in your daily schedule, but a small chunk of time when the kids are asleep or at activities can be just enough time to indulge in crafts or hobbies that bring both relaxation and productivity. Below are 8 great hobbies any stay at home mom can do in her free time.

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8 Considerations When Caring For Aging Parents

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When the time comes for aging parents to be cared for at a higher level, it requires major transitions and adjustments.

Nearly 10 million adults over the age of 50 are currently caring for a parent, making it crucial to be organized and informed on the responsibilities involved.

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10 Dogs That Are Safe Around Young Children

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Choosing the best breed for your family is extremely important because they will truly become members of the family, providing love, play and companionship for years to come. Here is a list of children-friendly dogs to get you started.

1. Bulldog

Image source: Flickr

Image source: Flickr

With a face only a mother could love, bulldogs are an adorably snorting and snoring breed that blend well in families with small children. Don’t let that flustered, curmudgeon expression fool you, bulldogs are loving and affectionate.

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